Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cart Exit Posts

This season we are re-introducing exit posts as a golf course accessory.  The exit posts are placed at then end of each fairway, near the green, to signify when carts should be returned to the cart path.  In drawing an imaginary line perpendicular to the line of play, carts should not approach the green past that point. These posts are strategically placed and moved on a daily basis to minimize wear patterns on playing surfaces from golf carts.  In fact, anywhere the cart path is curbed near tees and greens, carts should return to the path.  This of particular importance on holes such as numbers 3, 15, 16, and 18 where it may be more convenient to stay on side opposite of the cart path.  Typically, by mid-summer we see poor turf conditions around the aforementioned greens where carts not returning to the path have caused traffic stress or damage.  Your understanding and cooperation in following these cart guidelines will most definitely have a positive impact on the turf surrounding greens.  Below is a photo of our cart exit posts.