Monday, March 5, 2012

March Newsletter Article

Greetings from the golf course! March has arrived and we are still waiting for some real
Ohio winter weather to show up. While there will almost certainly be some cold weather
and potential snow looming this month, the mild winter has kept the turf from going
completely dormant this winter. What that means coming into spring is that a portion of
the energy stored by the plant for its winter dormancy will actually help to grow deeper
and stronger roots, once the weather is conducive for active growth. Stronger and deeper
roots lead to better quality and more dependable turf through the summer months. With
that said, we are hopeful that the weather for spring and summer return to near normal.

Last month’s continued warm conditions allowed us to remove the covers on the areas of
number 10 fairway that were seeded last September. These covers created a greenhouse-
like effect and thus were able to keep the temperature around the seedlings between 45°F
to 70°F. At those temperatures, active growth of the seedlings continued throughout the
winter and will allow the turf to fill in much quicker as spring approaches. Your patience is
appreciated as we progress through the final stages of this project that will no doubt have a
positive and lasting impact on number 10.

Our brush clearing and tree removal projects on holes 5, 10, and 18 are nearing
completion of the actual removal and clean up phases. As we progress into early spring,
more pruning of lower limbs will be done both to further improve air circulation, as well
as aesthetics. In addition to our efforts, last month the club hired a professional tree
company to remove several larger trees that were beyond our own capabilities, as well
as prune the trees directly behind the clubhouse. The result of the pruning behind the
clubhouse makes for a fantastic view of the clubhouse from number 18 and vice versa.
See the photos of the old look and two different angles of the new look.

With much of our winter work behind us, I would like to recognize our full time staff that
worked diligently and accomplished a great deal over the last three and a half months.

  • Jay McDaniel – Assistant Superintendent
  • Josh Rader – Spray Technician
  • Nathan Zuver – Irrigation Technician

March, April, and May are arguably the most important months for the golf course as
we prepare it to go through the stresses and rigors of the summer weather. March, in
particular, is crucial because it is a month of transition in which we are finishing winter
projects, along with cleaning up the golf course and preparing to open. I can tell you that
we are just as eager as you are to get out there and start the 2012 golf season. Dust off
your clubs, it won’t be long now. See you on the golf course.

Rear of Clubhouse Before

Rear of Clubhouse After from #18 Fairway

Rear of Clubhouse from Behind #18 Green

Ryan DeMay
Golf Course Superintendent